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TESOL Canada provides international TESOL and Teachers Training Standards and Accreditations to Teachers Colleges and TESOL, ESL English, and French FSL schools globally. Although registered in Canada, TESOL Canada is mostly active overseas where the actual French and English teaching takes place, and teachers are in demand. TESOL Canada’s teachers’ training programs and standards support educators with technologically updated teaching skills and improve students productivity worldwide.

TESOL Canada Certificates are granted to trained language teachers for “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages” and for “Teaching French to Speakers of Other Languages” in Canada. TESOL Canada’s Standards include Theory and Practical training in TESOL (Learning to Teach English,) TFSOL (Learning to Teach French,) TSSOL (Learning to Teach Spanish,) TASOL (Learning to Teach Arabic,) and TCSOL (Learning to Teach Chinese.)

Active since 1998 in Québec but established as a Canadian Non-Profit Organization in 2010, TESOL Canada has introduced the following standards in Canada and across the globe.

TESOL Foundation Certificate (150-hours Program)
TESOL Advanced Certificate (300-hours Program)
TESOL Diploma as TESOL Canada Certified Trainer TCCT (450-hours)
TESOL Canada TEC Teaching English to Children (150-hours Program)
TESOL Canada TAE Teaching Academic English (150-hours Program)
TESOL Canada TBE Teaching Business English (150-hours Program)
TFSOL Teaching French to Speakers of Other Languages (150-hours Program)
TSSOL Teaching Spanish to Speakers of Other Languages (150- hours Program)
TCSOL Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (150-hours Program)
TASOL Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages (150- hours Program)

Established in Québec in 1998, and registered in Ontario in 2010, TESOL Canada is a 20 years old organization with offices in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and affiliates in 17 countries. In the last 20 years and through its affiliated schools, TESOL Canada has graduated more than 7000 teachers worldwide. For more information, please check out TESOL Canada’s website.

Mailing Address

600- 1285 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C. V6H3X8

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Teachers Training Entrepreneurship Educational Equilibrium Education for Developing Countries Sustainable Economy through Education

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